This questionnaire was created because we want to help you succeed while simultaneously relieving some of the pains, challenges, and obstacles we have all faced as remote workers, freelancers, and digital nomads.

We’ve decided to come together as a community to make a change and create a social movement towards establishing a platform that provides work boundaries and guidelines that are in the best interest of you and the work you do.
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Have you ever not been paid for the work you do?

Has your trust been broken by clients?

Is financial instability an ongoing problem for you?

Do you feel that your time is respected by others?

Do you feel undervalued?

Do you feel powerful in your career?

Are there clear boundaries and guidelines set for you and your clients?

Are you frustrated with your client relationship management?

Is the work you do properly valued in terms of money?

Is the quality of work you deliver equivalent to the amount of money you are paid?

Are your clients loyal?

Do you feel respected by your clients?

Are you satisfied with your time management abilities?

Are you satisfied with your reputation with clients?

Do you feel financially stable?

Are you as efficient as you would like to be?

Are you interested in receiving guidance in moving forward with client relationships?

Would you like to lower your risks in new client relationships?

Do you want to feel higher levels of stability in your career?

Do you want to reduce losses in the work you do?

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